Club Captains

Greg Andreasen 



 Dear Fellow Golfers,


My name is Greg Andreasen and it is an honor to introduce myself as the


 2015-2016 Men's Captain at Almouj Club in Muscat, Oman. I grew up in a small town in the state of Maine in the United States. I am fortunate to experience this special country of Oman with my beautiful wife Michele and our two daughters Madeleine (7) and Isabelle (5). Oman has provided a great atmosphere to raise a family with the golf course being one of the amenities here that our entire family takes full advantage of.


I have been in Oman for 4 wonderful years and have had the pleasure to be a member of this fantastic golf course for all of them. I have seen and experienced many changes over those 4 years and look forward working with the fantastic staff as well as my fellow Ladies captain, Susan McInnes to further improve the Almouj experience for our members.


I started my career by moving to Houston, Texas and taking a position as an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry. After living in Houston to 3 years, we made the big leap and accepted an international job in Dubai, UAE. This was a great starting point for our international career.  It provided a smooth transition into this exciting and new experience. It also paved the way for me to start playing more golf then I previously had in Texas, as well as introduce the game to my wife, Michele. Some people think that introducing your spouse to the game is a bad idea because the game is used as a getaway. I view it from different perspective in this golf is a very obsessive game and having your spouse share the passion makes the game a little more enjoyable. I truly enjoy getting out on the course regularly with my family and Almouj provides a great facility and atmosphere to allow us to do that.


My first memories of golf was in my grandparents' back yard playing with old clubs that my grandfather had cut down for me. I played many competitive sports growing up, but golf was not one of them. Golf was more of a game that I would play with my friends and family to have fun. Each summer if my grades were good enough, my parents would award me with a junior golf membership at our local course. My friends and I would get dropped off early in the morning and have to wait around until the course was not busy and then the Pro would allow us to go out to make sure we caused as little disturbances as possible. This is truly were I developed the love of the game and it has been with me since. I still make the effort each summer to go back and have a game or a few at the course I grew up playing.


I am very eager to build on the great foundation that my predecessors, William and Aaron, established during their tenure. I believe that Susan and I have some great ideas to assist in developing the club. One of our major goals is to try to build up the social aspects of the club and as always we are here to assist if anyone has any ideas they would like to put forward.  


I look forward to having a wonderful season and I look forward to seeing you all on and off the course. 


Susan McInnes 


Susan McInnes

My name is Susan McInnes and I am honoured to be this years Lady Captain at Almouj Golf Club. I am a Scots lass from Lossiemouth, a small fishing town on the North East coast of Scotland.  I am married to Alan and have 2 sons, Jamie who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland and Ashley in Houston, Texas.  Both boys work in the Oil Industry like their father and both are avid fact we are and always have been a keen golfing family.

I learned to play golf on the Moray Links at Lossiemouth where my father first taught me as a child and then later the local pro Mr Jimmy Mckenzie, instilled in me a love for the game that I continue to enjoy here at Almouj Golf Club in Oman.

 Alan and I both worked in Oman back in the 80's and played our golf at Ghallah Wentworth with a small piece of AstroTurf and "browns" for greens !  In those days I worked  for the Royal Oman Police Hospital as a midwife.  What a transformation we have seen in Muscat and the surrounding area on our return some 30 years later !!  It is still a very hospitable, beautiful country  with such lovely people and we feel we have come "home"

to where we started our expat life.  Prior to moving to Muscat we lived in Houston, Texas for 8yrs, Aberdeen in Scotland where we have lived most of our married life and also Stavanger in Norway.

I see my role as one of a continuation of our two former lady captains Kim and Avis who have done a marvelous job in promoting women's golf within our club.  The Wave Almouj has created a welcoming environment with a wonderful golfing facility offering opportunity to both learn and play golf whilst also having fun with like minded golfers in both a social and competitive setting.

 We continue to grow in numbers and have some excellent lady  golfers in our midst for us all to emulate.  We have a full competitive ladies program through the season and now have a ladies inter club tournament with the other Muscat clubs to test our skills in other terrains.  We are also keen to see more ladies progressing on to the championship course firstly through the lesson programs and from playing regularly on the Par 3 course.

I look forward to working alongside our club professionals Marcus, Josh and Steve and extended golf team in the coming season.  I also congratulate Jamie to his new role as Director of Golf and Mubarak in his new role as Club Manager.  Finally, I am also looking forward to working with the men's captain Greg Andreasen in our collective efforts to help create a first class golfing environment for all of our members at Almouj.

Happy Golfing ......Fore !!!