Football Fever

All through World Cup month, we are making sure that Al Mouj Golf Restaurant is THE perfect place to enjoy every exciting second!

Members and guests are welcome to enjoy all matches live on the screens located in the lawn and indoor areas.

What better way to experience cheering on your favourite team than with a delicious line-up of great value dishes and drinks?

Fuel for the fans

Our special World Cup Menu

Beef Burger 8.0
Beef Quesadilla 6.0
Chicken Shwarama Wrap 6.0
Veggie Pizza 6.0
Chicken Pizza 6.0
Loaded Nachos 4.5
Chicken Slider 4.5
Curry Fries 4.0
Cheese & Bacon Fries 4.0
Parmesan & Truffle oil Fries 4.0


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